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Radiators have come a long way in advancement since it was first invented many years ago. At to that the vast variety of heating radiators for homes that are available. They range from central heating radiators to small and mobile electric radiators.  There are even effective radiators like towel heating radiators that cannot only warm your towels, but assist in the heating of your bathroom also. Although it may seem a little on the daunting side when it comes to shopping for radiators, but do not let that stop you. You have an ally in Radiators UK. We have thousands of items on our online website. Give us a call if you are stuck and we will work with you and get the right radiator in your hands. 

What if you have central heating system installed in your home but are looking for additional heating in some of the rooms? And lets say that you will not be able to connect any radiators in those rooms to the main system.  What will be your options then? Luckily for you there are electric radiators that allow you to independently set up the heaters in any part of the house, where there is an AC outlet available of course. Electric heaters are very simple to operate, are for the most part out of the way, and are extremely energy efficient. They work very well in homes for these reasons. Some models come with a thermostat to help you choose the right temperature.  
Another very popular type of heating radiator is the towel radiator. As the name dictates, it warms towels, but it can do much more. Towel radiators can be placed in the kitchen but for the most part, they reside in bathrooms. The beauty of towel radiators is that as they warm the towels that are placed on it, it also expends heat around the bathroom. That is especially helpful for those early morning showers in the dead of winter. Imagine kids not being terrified of their morning shower! Towel radiators are easy to install and a breeze to maintain. 
A common misconception is that the bigger the radiators, the better. This may be true with some radiators, but not most. In essence, you can have two electric radiators in a large room and it could maintain your large room warm. Having two small heaters also save you much more money than having a bulky radiator instead. Regardless of your taste and wants, make sure you give Radiators UK a call. Our friendly customer service agents will gladly help you with all the questions you have. We will help you with everything, from purchase to delivery. 
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