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Chrome Towel Rails

So, after much deliberation, you have decided you wanted a heated towel rail. Not very many people can resist the idea of warm fluffy towels year-round. Now that heated bathroom rails actually come in designs that would turn up the heat in the bathroom, literally and figuratively speaking, there is even more reason to get easily convinced that indeed, a nice-looking chrome towel rail that can warm towels would make a very good addition to your bathroom. Yes, heated towel rails no longer come in as the usual wooden rods. Heated towel rail designs in particular range from natural stone shower rails reminiscent of Zen themes, to traditional designs in cast iron radiators, or ultra modern minimalistic styles.

The most popular heated towel rail design category is the contemporary range. After all, a minimalist look does not always mean minimal luxuries. The most common look under the contemporary design range is the ultra-modern look. There are a vast number of options under this design category as well. You can go for the usual contemporary bathroom rails with circular or flat oval 'tubes', or go for those with square ladder rails.  The appeal of this design range lies in the fact that the designs are very practical and intuitive. They are built to make your towels as organized as possible, and for you easily hang them or pull them out.
If you want a fun look for your bathroom, you can have these towel rails installed. Some of them come in small fun hoops that look nothing like bathroom rails, but do the towel-organizing job just fine. There are also towel rails that come in quirky paper-clip forms, and some come sin triangular shapes reminiscent of a clothing hanger with a bit of art-deco in it.
Now, heated shower rails also come in various colors. While the usual is the highly polished silvery sheen of brushed stainless steel, aluminum, or designer black, there are also heated chrome towel rails. White is also a popular color and would suit a country house just fine. Heated rails are available in other colors as well, especially those under the designer towel rail category.
Whether it is chrome towel rails, column radiators, or any other kind of radiators, please call Radiator UK at 0845 259 1052 for any questions you may have.  At Radiators UK, we specialize in selling radiator products for the home and nothing else, so we can focus totally on providing you with just one thing - specialist product knowledge and the very best in value and service. We are available from 9am - 8pm, 7 days a week. We work in partnership with two national delivery companies to ensure that your goods are delivered in pristine condition, as promptly as we possibly can.  We hope to hear from you soon!
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