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Radiators in UK are heaters designed for the home or office use. They are large room heaters to add warmth to areas that generally do not get enough heat. They can heat a room area ranging from 40 to 150 square feet. They are somewhat reminiscent of the old style radiators that used to come built into a home. Some older homes may actually have radiators that are connected to the heating system of their furnace. Radiators are an essential addition to any home, especially for many who have to endure the wintry seasons. Over the last decade or so, central heating radiators or cast iron radiators have excelled in design and elegance. Now we are able to purchase a wide variety of designer radiators and heated towel rails that are created specifically to enhance the décor of the household. With so much emphasis now being placed on interior design, the designer radiators in UK are now a major aspect within many interior design projects. A stylish designed radiator or heated towel rail can dramatically improve a room's appearance. 

Electric heating radiators work on electricity and are the easiest to maintain. There are different sizes available in the market and you can buy the right size according to your heating needs. Ribbed heater radiators work with steam or oil, and generate enough heat to warm up the entire room in a matter of minutes. Fan assisted heater technology works with the steam coming in from the inlet pipe and being blown out by the fan in the room, targeting a specific area. The latest version of the radiator heaters has a great way of heating the system by producing warmth all around the house. The cables are placed underneath the floor, and pipes are installed in the wall area so you have all-round heating in the house.
At Radiators UK, our collection of traditional and modern radiators will amaze you with their unique features, designs, and all come tested to the highest standards. All of our traditional radiators have the option of either operating on a conventional central heating system, or as dual fuel.  However, do not despair although we offer a large range of modern towel warmers, cast iron radiators, and designer radiators, we also have an exquisite range of traditional radiators.
Due to an excellent reputation earned with many of the leading manufacturers, Radiators UK is able to offer you discounted rates on all our radiators. All of our appliances are delivered direct from manufacturers here in the UK.  This cuts out the middleman and gives you the low prices you deserve, with massive savings against recommended retail prices.  In addition, you get free delivery on all items. So, call us today for any information on radiators. 
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