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Towel Radiator

A towel radiator is a vented radiator installed in bathrooms in the United Kingdom to dry towels. A radiator is a method of heating a home used in cold climates. Heated water moves throughout the radiator and the radiant heat from the hot water warms up the space. Towel radiators are designed to allow multiple towels to be dried and warmed simultaneously.

Towel radiators are made from steel tubes. There are unlimited designs that vary from a simple rack to accommodate multiple towels to elegant, complex structures that are similar to artwork. The level of complexity is closely related to the product cost. There are three different heating methods for towel radiators, depending on the model selected. They can be electrically powered, connected to the central heating system or use a combination of electricity and heat from the central heating system. The electrical heating option must be installed by a certified electrician, due to the proximity of water to electricity. The electrical heating elements are used to heat the water inside the towel radiator.
If the towel radiator is connected to the home heating system, a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning mechanic, or technician must install it. They will ensure there is no impact on the heating in the rest of your home. These technicians can replace the existing radiator with a towel radiator and allow one connection to serve multiple purposes.
If you are thinking about installing a towel radiator, several key items must be reviewed. The method of heating, location and the size of the towel radiator are all critical. These items have a huge impact on both the aesthetics of the bathroom and the functionality.
The method of heating selected is usually based on costs. If a radiator is already in place in the bathroom, it is usually more cost-effective to replace it with a towel radiator. This is more effective than incurring the expenses of an electrician to install a grounded electrical outlet in the appropriate location for the towel rails.
Location is critical consideration. Most bathrooms are small, so making maximum use of the available space is a top priority. The wall surfaces of a bathroom are typically occupied with other appliances. The towel radiator needs to be accessible to everyone who uses the bathroom, large and small. Check to ensure that towels are not hanging into water sources.
Radiators UK are the number one online site for towel radiators in the UK. We specialize in many different types of radiators, including towel radiators, contemporary radiators, and modern radiators to vertical and column radiators. We are a reputable, Cheshire based radiator specialist. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality radiators UK wide. 
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