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Heated Towel Rails

To help you avoid the many pitfalls of home improvement accessory shopping, you are going to need a decent heated towel rail-buying guide. With the usual heated towel rails, you only have to consider the design and the price range. With a heating towel rail, though, you have a lot more to consider, such as the room layout details, the heat output, or the power of the radiator, and the power source.

You have probably seen the various designs that heated bathroom rails come in - serpentine, square tubes, the funky clip-style, art-deco designs, stone tablet designs, and circular designs. It all depends on the over-all scheme of things in the bathroom. If it were a modern one, a contemporary rail would be ideal. If it is something reminiscent of older times, then cast iron bathroom rails or radiators might be a good idea. You can be quirky and just choose one that would add a nice twist though. One thing you need to consider as well is the finish. Make sure your shower rail has one that would not wear off easily, as the bathroom is one fixture-unfriendly place, thanks to the moisture level in the area.
Of course, heated towel rails come in various prices; you do not need a heated shower rail buying guide to tell you that. However, despite a heated rail's connotations of luxury, it is not always ultra-expensive.  You need precise info about the bathroom size, as well as the available wall space. Things will even get heavier if you decide to install a plumbed in radiator. This is because there might some modifications in the pipe systems that have to be carried out. You also need to know about the hanging space you'd need, which both depends on the wall space available and the number of towels you'd need to hang on the rail, which is in turn affected by the number of people who uses a certain bathroom. Radiant power should also be known.  Radiant power is the amount of heat that your bathroom rail is supposed to give off.  It can be affected by the power output of the bathroom rail. Some are just enough to warm the towels while others have enough power level to warm the entire bathroom. It can also be affected by the radiator size, as well as the room's insulation.
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