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Radiator Types

We are an acknowledged leading supplier of radiators in the UK. Our success is based on our ability to supply the most extensive range of radiators, towel rails, valves and accessories at the most competitive prices. Most of the radiators we supply are available in a very diverse range of sizes and colours. It simply is not possible to list every singe variant of every single model radiator we supply. Therefore if you cannot find the exact size, colour or output of the particular radiator you require then please do call us for further information – our lines are open from 8am to 10pm seven days a week and we will be delighted to help you.
Electric Radiators
Our range of electric radiators includes electric towel rails, electric designer radiators and electric contemporary radiators to complement the more traditional fossil fuel powered radiators we sell. Electric radiators offer fast, efficient, energy saving and cost effective heating solutions.
Designer Radiators
We are confident that our diverse range of designer radiators will satisfy all tastes and requirements! Our incredibly varied range of radiators are available in many different colours and finishes including chrome and stainless steel. 
Bathroom Towel Rails and Radiators
We offer the UK’s widest selection of heated towel rails and bathroom radiators. From traditional towel rails inspired by the Victorian era, to modern contemporary towel rails in a range of materials and finishes. Our range includes traditional fossil fuel powered, all electric and dual fuel options. Dual fuel variants have an electric element fitted allowing the option of heating a rail / radiator plumbed into the central heating system independently. This option is particularly useful for drying and warming towels in the summer months without having turn the central heating system on.
Tubular Steel Radiators
Our extensive selection of tubular steel radiators are designed to provide maximum flexibility low and long or tall and slim.
Cast Iron Radiators
Our range of traditional, cast iron radiators provide the ideal cost effective solution for contemporary and traditional properties. The radiators are constructed using anti-corrosion primer to prolong their lifespan. Cast Iron radiators can be fitted to any existing heating systems and do not require any special water treatment to be added to the system. Cast iron radiators stay warmer for longer after they have been switched off than conventional radiators. Therefore they tend to be cheaper to run than conventional radiators. Also, cast iron radiators tend to retain warmth in the fabric of the building thus counteracting condensation and damp. Coupled with the fact that it is possible to build up a cast iron radiator in sections to match you specific size requirements has resulted in cast iron radiators becoming increasingly popular with heating engineers and architects.
Aluminium Radiators
Aluminium is the fastest conductor of heat. As a result, aluminium radiators provide instant heat giving optimum performance and noticeable cost-savings. Due to their efficiency, aluminium radiators tend to be smaller in size than other radiators. The radiators are also light weight compared to conventional radiators and as such can be mounted on almost any wall. Aluminium radiators can be installed into an existing central heating system but it is recommended to add a suitable inhibitor (water treatment) into the system, which is specially formulated to protect aluminium.
Radiator Valves
Radiator valves can be sourced in manual and TRV options. Manual valves allow the user to manually adjust the heat emitted by the radiator. TRV or Thermostatically Controlled Valves allow the user to set the temperature on the radiator so that it will automatically adjust to keep the radiator at a constant temperature.

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