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Radiator Guide

At www.radiatorsuk.com we supply a diverse range of designer, traditional, cast iron, chrome, aluminium, electric and dual fuel radiators, as well as standard radiators, to suit all requirements and budgets.
The radiators we supply utilise latest technology to provide fast, effective, energy efficient heating.
In addition to traditional wet system radiators, many of the ranges we supply incorporate dual fuel options where a thermostatic element can be used on a wet system radiator to provide individual heat from a particular radiator or towel rail when the central heating system is switched off.
Dual fuel options can be particularly useful for drying and warming clothes or towels during the warmer summer months when typically a central heating system will be switched off.
In addition, many of the radiators are available in electric only options.
In order to calculate your exact heat requirements for a room prior to placing an order we recommend taking professional advice from a qualified plumber or heating engineer.
However, a rough calculation which will provide an approximate heat requirement is: volume of room in cubic meters multiplied by 60.
For example, a room five meters long, four meters wide and two and a half meters high will require the following output radiator:-
(5 x 4 x 2.5) multiplied by 60 = 3000 watts / 10,715 btu
This calculation is only an indication, as heat loss will vary depending on the type of building and insulation in the building which will affect heat loss.
N.B. 1000 watts (1kw) = 3571 btu
The wattage or btu rating of any radiator is the power output of the radiator – not the amount of energy being consumed by the radiator.
Where possible, a radiator should ideally be positioned in the coldest part of a room. Typically this will be on an external wall under a window.
Most of the ranges we carry are offered in a diverse range of sizes and outputs. If you cannot easily find the size or output of particular style radiator you require, please do call us as we will be delighted to help you in confirming if the exact size you require is available. Our lines are open from 8am – 10pm seven days a week.
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